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  • Pianos?

    Hello all, I am going to be getting the Vienna suite along with the special edition bundle. I have used my cousins VSL library when she use to use gigastudio and fell in love with the sounds but could never afford to get the collection she had. But finally I can get at least a little part of it. Enough question is will you guys be putting out a piano library? I would love to see one if possible. I think your samples are absolutely amazing and make me want to become a better composer not to mention just listening to them is inspiring. Anyways, any info if you will make a piano library is greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • Welcome MSD,

    You don't have to wait - just look (and listen) here:


    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • The Bosendorfer library is amazing. I'm surprised it keeps getting overlooked at shootouts. Some magazines have reviewed it and compared it, whilst others haven't. But on web forums, it barely gets a mention -- even though one doesn't have to buy a sample player to use it (a common reason people give me for not buying the excellent Scarbee electric piano libraries).

    I mostly use Pianoteq, which I love, and which keeps improving. But there are situations where that isn't the right sound. VSL's Bosendorfer library is literally the ONLY piano source I ever use anymore besides Pianoteq. It has an organic quality and a fluidity and naturalness of phrasing that the big guns all lack (and I own a couple of them, as they can't be resold). It especially works well in an ensemble setting where it isn't being soloed, and works very well with reverbs when doing a final mix.

    To me, the VSL Bosendorfer is miles beyond the one from Quantum Leap in timbre, musicality, phrasing, continuity of notes, and even in terms of live triggering vs. MIDI rendering. And it's a bargain to boot. Also, no worries about paying later for an Extended License as you get the whole deal in one fell swoop.

    Don't forget the Special Keyboards and the magnificent Organ library either -- especially the latter. I was just about to buy Notre Dame of Budapest library when this one from VSL came out. It has quite a variety of timbres that work in any setting. Last Winter, they had some holiday specials going with the three keyboard libraries, and I took full advantage.

    I do wonder if VSL will come out with other piano models eventually. Though I find Pianoteq perfect for jazz and most pop, as well as soloed classical playing, I could probably be enticed to buy more piano libraries from VSL, based on the quality and experience of the Bosendorfer offering. 

  • Thank you guys for you replies. I really love the sounds and now am able to get a collection that I will love. Thanks again to you both for the help, it is greatly appreciated.

  • I am wondering how many velocity layers exist in the Vienna Bosendorfer. After listening to many demos my feeling on this piano is that it is very bold and strong but seems to have a limited dynamic range. Perhaps it is the voicing in the chosen instrument itself. I prefer a warmer intimate piano that is capable of wide dynamics such as the Hamburg Steinway played by Keith Jarrett. It would be nice to have a choice of more pianos. I have a Bechstein in my studio which is in need of a tuning. :)

  • Like it says in the Product Info, there are seven velocity layers, recorded from two distances.

    For a "warmer" sound you could try to lower the VI's own filter to values around 55-60. While this seems to be a brute-force approach, I got very nice results like that in a mix for a movie score just a few week ago, aiming for a dark, smooth but powerful piano sound.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library