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  • Vienna Ensemble 3 - Installation

    Hy there,

    I'm new to VI as well as to VE3.

    I'm working with an Master-PC (WinXP) running Cubase 4 and a Slave-PC (WinVista32) try to run Vienna Ensemble 3 + VI Special Edition and Special Edition plus.

    That means I installed VE3 and the VI on my slave where I also plugged the ViennaKey, but don't see the VE3 in C4 on my master-PC.

    What do I have to install on my master-PC so that i'm able to open instances of VE3 as a VSTi in Cubase 4.

    As I'm not very aquainted with those different computerthings and obviously I`m too dumb reading the manual correctly, although it is in German, I ask someone to help a totally nought.

    Thanks in advance


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    welcome albert,

    @albert.franner_15318 said:

    What do I have to install on my master-PC so that i'm able to open instances of VE3 as a VSTi in Cubase 4
    VE3 .... have you already checked the manual and the video tutorial?

    start VE3 service on the slave (of course library content has to reside there too), insert VE3 into cubase, connect to slave (do not ignore dialog windows asking for firewall exceptions!), wait until VE3 opens on the slave, load instruments

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thank you christian for your advice.

    My question came, because of the need installing programs on the host- as well as on the slave-PC when you work with FX-teleport, as I do on my other network.

    I'm used to check all possibilities (manual, videos, internet etc) before asking for help through an forum but it seems that I do have a problem with my network XP/Vista which is still unsolved. Therefore I'm unable to follow your advice at the moment.

    After solving my networkproblem I'll try the given way and keep you informerd if it works or not.



  • Hi,

    solved my networkproblems, installed the VE3 an the SE + SEplus (standard library), everything works fine.

    Only one problem  --  I'm not able to see the instruments of the SEplus-library although they are installed and registered on the vienna key.

    Tried the directory-manager twice, before starting, but nothing.

    What do I do wrong?

    Thank you in advance for an advice!


  •  Hello Albert,

    the Special Edition PLUS does not contain presets of its own, "only" matrices and patches - maybe that´s what´s causing the confusion?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL