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  • Choirs: Won't expand

    Hi, Just starting an installation of the Soprano Choir... First step is to "download the zip file", then open it / expand it. I am using OS, Mac G5. It won't expand. Please note I believe the only expander type program on this machine is "Stuffit" version 9. It won't expand using that. Help??

  • i can't recommend stuffit - though it claims to extract rar-archives almost all versions are buggy executing this feature ..

    use UnRarX instead ... this should also be mentioned in the manual ...

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Yes, it is well known that RAR files can be a problem on the Mac -- though less so than a year ago. This is especially the case when there is nested compression going on, as often each layer needs the password, which the Mac doesn't generally support.

    I have UnRARX, StuffIt, and The Unarchiver on my system. Each case has to be dealt with individually. Fortunately, recent updates to StuffIt have improved its ability to handle more cases and more types of archives.

    I see UnRARX is not showing up on my system anymore. Maybe I deleted it by accident, or even on purpose?

    At any rate, all three apps behave very differently. Sometimes I even have to combine them at different stages of unwrapping.

    The Unarchiver can sometimes be more successful if you use it right, but the order of actions matters a great deal. For instance, sometimes you need to open it empty, set the password, and then point it to the archive file. Any other order fails.

    Also, if you have to re-download an archive, you usually have to empty trash and reboot, or each subsequent attempt fails.

    FWIW, I have never had trouble with Vienna Instruments downloads, other than occasional crashes on the download itself. My worst problems have been with the smaller European sample library vendors. I send them lengthy instructions each time, hoping to help other customers.