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  • Special Edition

    I work with Sibelius 5.2 and Special Edition, but I do not get manage the midi chanels to work independent. I set them up in Sibleius folowing instructions, but it seems I have to set them up at Viena ensemble window also, but I do not know how. can somebody help me please

  • Arthur can you give us some more information?

    First of all go here:

    there is a video under Quickstart Guides  it is called Sibelius 5 and VSL, watch that video as it will explain how to set VSL up with Sibelius.

    Here's what you have to do, see if you have followed these steps:

    1. when you are in Sibelius, go to the top "Play" tab and select "Playback Devices".
    2. When you have selected that, on the screen where it says "Available Devices" should be "Vienna Ensemble", select that and hit activate.

    3. If you don't see Vienna Ensemble listed there, that means you did not move the Vienna Ensemble .DLL file to the VST plugin folder in Sibelius.

    4. Next on the same screen click on "Manual Soundsets" tab away from the active devices tab you are currently on.

    5. On Manual Soundsets tab, make sure the device selected is Vienna Ensemble and the sound set is VE Special Edition for 5.2.

    6. Click the button that says 'use manual soundsets'  and then set the number of channels you need and each instrument in the channel.

    Now you should have Sibelius set up, then in the Vienna Ensemble window, insert all the instruments that you need to match the ones in Sibelius, but the important thing is make sure that at the top of the Vienna Ensemble GUI you can see it says "Channel".  In case you don't know where this is, click any of the instruments that you just inserted in VE until you see the screen with the piano at the bottom and at the top of that screen it should say "Channels". You have to click that and drag down to the channel that matches the one in Sibelius under the "manual soundset" tab in Play>Playback Devices.

    So when you go to the Play>Playback Devices tab in Sibelius and then you click the "Manual Soundsets" tab, on the right side if your flute says Channel 5 on it, that means in Vienna Ensemble make sure your flute is set to Channel 5.

    Then in Sibelius to make sure, click on the "mixer" (this is located at the top right of Sibelius near the big question mark) right next to the buttons for "keypad", "playback", "ideas" etc. Then in that mixer make sure everything is set up right.

    Let me know if you're able to get it to work or not.

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