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  • Reverb VST / System Setup for the 64bit version of Vista?


    I have a massive problem with my setup for a few weeks and I need help.

    I worked with Vista 32bit, Sibelius and VE, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, and 4 GB of RAM memory. But the system Sibelius-VE was pretty astable and I wanted to use my full 4 GB RAM (and more) in Vista 64bit. I built a second partition with Vista 64, Sibelius and VE 64bit.

    The problem: None of my Reverb VSTs works. And I can't find any 64bit Reverb.

    What Reverb are YOU using?

    ...Your Setup? 64 bit?

    Is it possible that there is no single Reverb VST for the 64bit version.

    Then I had to work in 32bit and could't use the full memory!? How do you work when you're using 8, 16 or more GB RAM?

    Sorry for my inexperience but the system crashes make me crazy;-)  Thanks a lot for replies!!!

  • You best bet is to load the reverb into Sibelius, because I can't think of any 64bit reverb plugs.


  •  Okay, great idea, I couldn't imagine that ;-) , I'll check it out. Thanks!!!