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  • Where can I get a decent book on VSL?

    Where can I get a decent book on VSL? The manual is "sparse", and that's being kind. Is there a 3rd party manual or "VSL for Dummies" out there? Unfortunately I am housebound so I can't get out to attend master classes or lectures. The videos are good but only scratch the surface. If anybody knows of any worthwhile books please let me know. Many Thanks

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    Hello Chris

    I recommend the Video Tutorials on this Website:

    and further: I have some tutorials about "How to use the VI"

    VI Midi: Producing a little song with different articulation.

    VI Tips & Tricks 1 and VI Tips & Tricks 2

    VSL Sample Organisation

    Extras: On this page you will find usefull things for your sample music.

    There is a tutorial (divided into two parts "Midi" and "Audio"). It explains the way and all the

    important steps from a midi file to an audio track with samples.

    How to make music with samples so to say. It don't explain "how to work with the VI or Cubase...

    Unfortunately it isn't for free (35 Euro).

    Hope that helped a bit

    All the best and a lot of succes


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Thank you Beat, These look like they are going to be very helpful. Thank you very much. I'm using VSL Special Edition and I'm extremely impressed with it. However I'm getting stuck on very basic things at the moment, like how do you save the settings on a track? I have a project set up in Logic 8 which works fine. If I set the Violins, for example, to sustain and then save the project when I re-open it later the violins are set back to staccato and I have to re-set everything before I can continue. These are the sort of basic things that the manual doesn't seem to cover. The answer is probably blindingly obvious but it eludes me! Thanks again Chris

  • I assume you are using a matrix which implies keyswitches. if you are doing so, you also have to record the keyswitch, not just the music, otherwise the matrix will always be playing its default patch.

  • DING! That is so obvious I could kick myself. I knew I would have to record changes made during the performance but I didn't think about recording the starting patch. Thank you!