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  • Finale Human Playback and VSL - Please Help????

    For some reason the tremolos are not working for the strings when changing the human playback prefs. in Finale. Why is this happening? Help?? Pizz and the normal sustained notes, or modo ordinario seem to work, but when I add a third articulation it doesn't work. I would appreciate it if someone could resond soon.I have a few deadlines coming up. Thank you in advance. -Peter

  • Hi Peter!

    Which Finale version are you working with?
    Did you use the tremolo marking with the lines across the stem (from the articulation tools) or did you use the word tremolo from the expression tools? As far as I know, only the marking from the articulation tools works for switching to the tremolo patch.

    Best wishes,
    Vienna Symphonic Library

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Is there a way to let Finale 2008 play the repeat articulation notes using Finale Human Playback and VSL ?

  • Thanks Andi. I am using Finale 2007. I was trying to use the Human Playback prefs to set up keywords like "staccato" tremolo" "ord." etc..... Some of them work quite nicely others do not. I was wondering if these work in Finale 2009? Also, how do I assign Key Switches in the articulation window? Any idea on how to do this? Does it invole Data Dump? If so what is the code for key switches? I have been using the Mod wheel but it is a bit cumbersome. -Peter

  • Peter,

    If you want to use your Special Edition with Finale, I strongly recommend updating to Finale 2009. There you have the possibility to integrate VSTinstruments (respectively AUinstruments) like Vienna Ensemble. With Finale 2007 you have to go over a virtual MIDI port. Furthermore a ready made set of Human Playback Preferences is ready for download for Finale 2009.
    As far as I know you can create MIDI control data with the expression tool, but I don't know about keyswitches.


    You can create your own Human Playback Preferences with keyswitches and MIDI control data to your liking. For triggering the repetitions, you will have to create a "Custom text" technique. At "Apply only" you will have to enter a keyword (like "repetition") and at "Action" you will have to enter the keyswitch and/or MIDI controller.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  •  Andi,

    I'm using 2009 and HPP file so...

    For strings:

    sFz is not existing in Finale Techniques and Effects editor!

    The patch is present in the String Matrix in SE vienna...

    What is the way to Create this new Technique in Finale?

    The word Sforzato ins not in Finale technique list...???

    Do some advice could come from the VSL developer team?

    So, let us know...


  • Hi Alain!

    For sforzato make a "Custom text" entry in the Human Playback Preferences as described above. The keyword could be "sf" or "sfz".

    The normal dynamic expression for sf or sfz will not work for HP. So you have to create your own as Technique Text. Open the Expression tool, go to Technique text and create a new one. The text should be the same as your keyword (probably sf or sfz). In order to look like a normal sforzato marking in your score, change the font to Maestro (size 24, not bold) and let it appear below the staff. For the next note make an expression like "ord." to switch back the articulation (unless you want several sforzati in a row).


    Vienna Symphonic Library
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    @andi said:

    For the next note make an expression like "ord." to switch back the articulation (unless you want several sforzati in a row).



    of course the first part of your answer is familiar for me...


    I was seeking for returning to de normal articulation...

    What you call "ord." is supose to be an other Home made Techniques?

    "ord" It is refering to what exactly?

    (Standard (sustained))


    Means that Final HP is not returning to normal by it self ???

    Each time we are using a Home made thing we are breaking the normal Final HP???

    I just want to understand well...

    If to much things are missing why VSL Team do not write a complet SE set with everything.

    We could also give help... !!! ??? as Finale+SE users...

    A little confused...

    let me know..

  • Hi Alain!

    Sforzato has not been included in the Human Playback Preferences because you have to trick Finale to get it to work. It would only lead to confusion, as it just did with you. Otherwise the HPP for the Special Edition are complete to my knowledge.

    For "ord." (which stands for ordinario) I made another home made Technique text, but it was not necessary to include it in the HPP. It then changed back to sustain or detache - depends on the note length. Without it Finale would stay at sforzato. I know that's not very comfortable. That's why it's not included in the original HPP settings for download.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Andi, Is there a way for me to get the HP prefs for Finale 2007? I was able to get a few things working, like 'staccato' and 'ord', but I was just wondering what the Vienna Custom Library for the HPP looks like? Is thete a way to get a text version of it? I want to see what the custom text settings look like. Also, I am having problems doing crescendo hairpins over the barline? Do these work on Finale 2008? I am prolonging my upgrade because of limited funds right now. We are in a recession in the US right now, despite what Bush claims!!! Anyway, let me know and thanks for all the help. -Peter

  • Hi Peter!

    I sent you some screenshots of the Finale 2008 HPP. I hope they are of some use for you.
    Crescendi in Finale 2008 do also work across the barline.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Ciao Andy,

    would you may those screenshots available for all of us?



  • Ciao Sergino!

    Ok. Here are screenshots of the Human Playback Preferences for Finale 2008 (German version)

    "Bezeichnung" = Name
    "Nur anwenden, wenn" = Only use when
    "SoftSynth- oder ext. Wiedergabe" = SoftSynth or ext. Playback
    "Diese Technik verwenden" = Use this technique



    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I've come to the conclusion that the work-arounds for using Finale with VSL are way too cumbersome. I have wasted a great deal of time trying to trick Finale into playing the right VSL articulations. The "ord." doesn't seem to be working, so it's hard to get the articulations to return from say a tremolo technique to a normal playing technique. Putting the key trigger notes into the score in a different layer seems to be the best idea. I wish it wore easier to create key switches on Finale, the whole data dump thing is way beyond the scope of just being a composer. The bottom line is; I just want to write music. Until the interface between VSL and Finale is glitch and work-around free, I will be playing the music into a sequencer like Pro-Tools of Logic. Or course the problem with that is getting the dynamics happening. -Peter

  • Hi Peter!

    Finale 2007 is an old version and is not supported by us. As I said before, Finale 2009 works with our Special Edition.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Yes, but how well does Finale 2009 work with VSL? You yourself said that it didn't recognize Sfz and things like that. before I upgrade I want to make sure that I can do ALL the articulations with no exceptions. For example, after I do a tremolo will Finale automatically switch back to normal playing, or do I have do some work-around to get it to change back to the previous articulation? This is frustrating frankly. -Peter

  • After a tremolo passage the articulation will switch back automatically.

    Sforzato is not recognised by the Human Playback Preferences. If you want to use the sforzato patch without creating an expression for it as described above, don't upgrade to Finale 2009.

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I guess I will upgrade. Aside from the previous issues, Finale 2007 will is not able to save the Audio File and instead reverts to the Softsynth sounds on an aiff save. So I have been saving a midi file and importing it into pro-tools. As you can imagine, it's very needlessly time consuming. Thanks for all your help Andi. You have been very accommodating. As a side note, has the Vienna team ever thought of doing an early music instruments set? That would be amazing. -Peter

  • Thanks Peter!

    We have no plans for a set of early instruments at the moment. Nevertheless it's always good to know the wishes of our customers. [:)]


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Ok so... I want to add one more wish... You might make an special edition on a Symphonic WIND BAND. I think you would sell a lot specially in Spain and United States, and the most funny thing is that you have already all the instruments (but the flugelhorn I think) in your library... you would just have to put all of them in one set and you are all set... Best Wishes!