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  • A Bunch of sounds have just disappeared form my vienna Special Edition

    Were these just demos? things like the Appassionata Strings, Flute 2 all gone - I'd used them in projects 2. What do I have to buy to return it to how it was? I've looked at the download packs -- the sounds that disappeared seem to be in the Extended Library's and the 'buy now' buttons are grayed out for me ... can someone shed some light on this as I'm confused. Thanks Stuart

  • The back of the box implies that the extended instruments are included with the purchase, it just says the extended library must be unlocked. I have gone through my paperwork again and I can't find a serial number. But the box implies that these are included so what's up with this?


    Scroll to the bottom of the page - if you want these sounds back you have to buy the extended library of the product you originally bought. I assume you bought the DVD version of the SE so you need to buy the extended library of that version, not the download version. Find it at



  • Dear Stuart Fox,

    you purchased in fact Special Edition Standard Library and received a time limited demo for the Extended Library, which is expired now. I hope that explains it.

    Kind regards,