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  • Im experiencing creative blue-balls

    Unfortunately Im experiencing persistant problems with my new Slave computer setup running Vienna Ensemble 3. Im using FLStudio on a host Computer with a 3.6 GHz Single Core, 2 gigs RAM, XP pro, RME 9632 DSP soundcard. The Vienna Ensemble server plugin which is a VSTi crashes my DAW when I run it as an Instrument, so I have to run it as an effect, at which point I can't send multi-outs from, killing the possibility of realistic Reverb programming with altiverb.

    Im experiencing creative blue-balls as a result of the unproductive enviornment I'm attempting to work in. Either I have a low latency and my Sequencer gets massive buffer underruns or I have a high Latency and Vienna Glitches out on its independent of my DAW. I cant figure out how to load more than 16 instruments into one instance of Vienna Ensemble. In FLstudio You can set the midi input and output ports on an effect, then you have 16 channels of midi to choose from; hence the limit. As a result of this I have 5 instances of Vienna Ensemble running (Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Keyboard/misc). Apparently just networking audio puts alot of CPU strain on the host, but shouldn't a 3.6 processor be fine? Perhaps its because of 5 instances, not 1, but I dont know. The Vienna Plugin has its own buffer settings in the plugin, at the 0 setting it sounds like im getting no latency when it should be matching my soundcard's designated latency. At the other settings (1x, and 2x), which should add additional buffers, it glitches out into a robotish/ ring moddy sound that cant be worked with. This glitchyness doesnt occer if my buffer is 3ms, but at that speed my sequencer gets insane amounts of underuns.

    I've considered my options for workarounds. I could pull my soundcard out and put it in my Slave 2.3 quad core, with 8 gigs of ram, and Vista. Then I could put all my samples VSTs, and other tools that I use on there. I am going to try testing out VSL running in Cubase or Nuendo once I can borrow copy from someone. I would create an Identical template, then export my midi. Or I can build another host for under $1000 with identical or better specs than my other slave. I know my Host is antiquated with Ram and it's single core at this point, nonetheless its fast and Stable. I would like to wait for the next generation of chipsets. Im no expert on emerging chip sets but the Intel Bloomfield (Nehalem, Corei7) looks promising and worth a year or so of waiting. I would also like to check out the Logic/hackintosh combo.

    Life is great otherwise!