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  • Horn sections for movie-like stuff

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a horn sample pack that fits typical movie and trailer music, and is epic. Therefore, I was looking at "Epic Horns" as a possible purchase, and read through a couple of forum threads about them, and honestly just got more confused about if they were fit for the build or not. So the question is, what do you recommend I buy in order to make "epic" movie and trailer music? Thanks in advance. - Mark

  •  Hi Mark,

    I don´t know what confused you (unfortunately you didn´t include that info), but if you´re looking for powerful horns, Epic Horns are exactly what you need, in my eyes. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, Thanks a lot! Good to hear. What confused me was basically just getting way too much information in at once, when I was hoping to narrow down :D - Mark