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  • Download content: Orchestral Strings?

    Is there any plan to make your orchestral strings available as a download, similar to what you have done with single instruments? Thanks

  • I'd buy it. No seriously, because the samples aren't chromatic and it'd only be the standard libs then the download would only be 12GB, which *really* isn't that much. The servers to host it on the other hand...

  • They already sell the SE strings which contain not only the orchestral strings, but solo, chamber, and Appassionata, so selling just the orchestral strings on their own should be feasible, right? The SE strings package is 13.5GB, so they are already doing large libs for download. I really hope they separate the strings and treat them as individual instruments. Seems odd that you can download flute 1 & flute 2 separately, but not orchestral strings.

  • I think their problem would be this: You'd get a lot of people upgrading from the SE, and they'd just buy the Violins and Cello, probably for 250-ish each, and not spend the full 1K on the two collections.

  • So I take it this is not an option? I wish they would allow you to buy the strings separated by groups, rather than being forced to buy the whole set when getting SE strings. IMO, they different sizes are like different instruments and should be separated.