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  • Appassionata Dynamic Range Setting

    I'm finding that I've had to set the dynamic range (in the edit cell page) of the appassionata strings much lower than the default in order to get fairly even playing across the keyboard from lowest velocity sample to highest. I think the default was around 24 and I've set it to about 15 (as far down as 12 sometimes) for most of the patches.

    Just wondering if anyone else has reset this parameter to a lower value? It sounds a bit better to me, but don't know if I'll run into trouble later on....


  • One thing to remember is that the actual recorded dynamics for the App-sus samples for example are typically p-mp-mf-f, but I think most users like to have a range thats more like pp-ff, so the dynamics might be stretched a little. Depending on the context and the other collections that you are using, 12-15 dynamic range sounds like it may be a bit low, especially for the sus patches, but for some of the legato patches (that only have 2 velocity layers) it may work just fine. John Rodriguez

  • Thanks for the answer. Usually, if I need a pp sound level, I will lower CC11 to bring the level down (coupled with the lowest velocity samples (0-55)). Dyn range 15 still gives me a 'range' to work with which seems more consistent throughout a line -- a form of compression I suppose.

    I just wonder how other people do things.