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  • Optimize causing notes to disappear

     After optimizing I am finding that some notes do not play

    As an example

    TB-3_sfz chord = G1 G2 C3 F3 (vel 127)

    After optimizing only the G2 and C3 play

    Anyone know what might be causing this please?

  • Hi Pete, my guess is this is caused by the patch using two alternations for each note. If you play a single note and then do a learn / optimize, the VI discards the second alternation and you're left with a single alternation and a silence where the second one should be! (Try it for yourself, you can use the 'reset' button to quickly reload all the samples.)

  •  Sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean. This is just one four note chord

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    @petethomas said:

    This is just one four note chord
    Yes - the patch you mentioned has two 'alternations' (= alternative samples) for each note, so when you play a repeated single note you hear 'Sample 1 - Sample 2 - Sample 1 - Sample 2, etc. (This is designed to avoid the unrealistic 'machine gun effect' of hearing the same sample repeated in fast succession.) When you play a repeated four-note chord on that patch, what you're hearing is in fact four 'Sample 1's' followed by four 'Sample 2's'.

    If your chord happens just once in an arrangement and you then learn / optimize the patch, the VI keeps the four 'Sample 1's' in memory but unloads the 'Sample 2's', resulting in silence on even-numbered reiterations of the chord. Try it and see!

  • OK, I understand. I thought that would only happen with repetition articulations. So this kind of makes optimize useless. This could be happening all the time without me necessarily hearing the missing notes then ??? Or is there a way round this.

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    @petethomas said:

    So this kind of makes optimize useless.
    Not necessarily - it needs to be properly tested with a MIDI sequence, which I didn't have time to do. The issue is how the optimised VI will behave on repeated plays of a sequence if some alternation samples have been discarded from a patch. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

  • If you start the song on the same position as you've optimized (usually from the beginning),

    you won't get lost sample, because there are no random rules included.

    If you transpose, change the tempo (if you use speed matrices), alter velocities,  or start on certain points in your song after optimisation,

    you could get empty samples.



  • Thanks Herb.

  • Dear Herb,

    dear community,

    I had the same problem in one project with one track (Solo Violin).  Learning from the beginning of the project and optimizing let one note disappear. I tryed the procedure several times but always the same note disappeared. On the other tracks all worked fine.

    I canĀ“t imagine where a mistake can be because I played it also from the beginning and didnĀ“t change tempo, velocity or articulations.