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  • Fast, doubled repeated notes w/ Special Edition?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to VI Special Edition.  I was wondering if there's an easy way to created fast doubled notes in strings (for right now, I suppose it would be the same for other instruments).  Basically, I want to create a fast passage where every tone in the melody is played twice in a row: C C E E G G etc...the articulation I'm looking for is downbow-upbow for each pair.  However, I'm not a good keyboardist so trying to play such a passage in 1/16th notes at, say, 120bpm is too challenging for my poor fingers.   Is there some way to only strike the keys as 1/8th notes and have VSL repeat each key I hit? In other words, I hit the 1/8th notes: C E G, and VSL "fills in" the missing notes to create the 1/16th-note phrase: C C E E G G...basically each note I play gets doubled.  

    Appreciate any help I could get.  I only have the basic Special Edition right now, but am willing to get the extended libraries if that will give me this option.

  • Hi, the Vienna Instrument doesn't have repeat effects, but if you're using a sequencer you could try the following trick: play the passage as 8th notes, copy the sequence and shift the copy a 16th note along. Playing the original and the copy together will then 'double up' your 8th notes. (You could try slightly reducing the overall velocity of the copy to add a bit of a lilt.) Alternatively, record the passage using two hands with the RH playing staccato 8th notes and the LH echoing the previous RH note a 16th note later and an octave down. Then edit the LH pitches so they play an octave higher, i.e. in the same register as the RH.

  •  Can't you just slow the tempo down for this part - play it in  - them resume original tempo?


  •  Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them out.