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  • Cubase 4.5 Update Problem

    I just updated to Cubase 4.5.1 on the mac. My Vienna Ensemble 3 seems to have a problem transmitting midi to the slave computers. I can get audio to play through my main daw by using the mouse on the slave, but Cubase will not send midi to the slave. I am using a G5 as my main daw, and a Pc as one slave and a Mac Pro as the other. Any thoughts? Jay

  • Team Vienna - are you seeing this issue with PC as Main Daw (running Cubase 4.5.1)?   Obviously that will prevent me from updating.   Wonder if it is just the Mac update?


  • I just finished the project with a work around, and been trying to get things to work for the past hour or so. I am happy to report that all started working after about three restarts. Not sure why it is working, but as often is the case, inanimate software and computers sometimes seem to need some time to "get to know" one another!! I will let you know if the problem recurs. Sorry for the alarm. Jay