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  • Film Music Performance

    Hi! All,

    Just been thinking about this....

    I have been to film music concerts and also classical ones of course. While in classical music concerts - the performance was in most cases more or less similar to recordings I had heard before...except of course - the live sound feeling ...

    However, in film music concerts - I found irregularities in the performance and the actual recordings.

    What I noticed so far (I am not an expert on film music and orchestral performance) is that for example Hans Zimmer scores would not stand up nicely to his original recordings. On the other hand - John William's music would almost always come out right - with different orchestras.

    I seem to have noticed this with recordings as well - A Superman recording will sound more or less true to the orignal - but may be a Gladiator wont. Same goes for performance.

    I havnt had the opportunity to attend Hermann music concerts - would love to at some point. The problem with film music concerts is that they play the usual stuff.

    My question is that - is this down to - some pieces written very well for the orchestra and hence are easier to play - not because they arnt good - but well written - in the ranges etc..and just more playable.

    Or could it be that - some scores are recorded in a special manner and hence a studio recording will sound way different than the original. A Williams Score - sounds all right - but a Gladiator performance - the brass wont cut it as much as it does on the original recordings.

    Of course - the orchestra played a Hary Potter piece - and the opening keyboard line - he just couldnt play well - because I think they were using a Roland or something....whereas in the original recording I think its a celeste? not sure....

    But generally - what is it that makes some music playable and some not?


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