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  • Hey there, I was wondering if Chamber Strings I would be worth it?

     Hello there,

    As a composer I have always been looking for that beautiful string sound. I have come to this website and found after studying the demos vs every other library that Vienna is the only one that can get that true sharpness, pureness, clearness, wideness. 

    What I'm looking for a to compose for strings like this:

    You can hear the resin scrape off the bow right from the strings. 

    Can Vienna do something like this demo? I was thinking Chamber Strings 1 would do it. Would you think Chamber Strings is the one I should be looking at?

  •  I played the clip included, and I think it's a very nice piece of music. The Chamber strings would come close to that sound. I have the chamber strings, and I certaily enjoy the sound. I have been writing something, and I added the chamber Celli to the work, and they really enhanced what I am working on.

    You may also want to consider getting the solo strings to work along with the chamber strings. You would have more options with your orchestrations, and the VSTi makes it very easy to layer instruments together. For examle, your line of First Violins could have the chamber violins playing that part, and then you could add a solo violin playing along with that part as well.