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  • Appassionata Mock-Ups (Herrmann Styled)......

    Hi all.... 

    Appassionata Mock-Ups (Herrmann Styled)......

    go here:

    Click on :



    (these are both Appass1 strings NOT 2...wasn't available then...would likely be even better since this should be sordino)

    also listen to VSL version of "CapeFear" (both the orig and mock-up are there for comparison)

    thanx for listening...thoughts?


  • Very nice, Steven. The low strings in MockUP2 are really convincing. I can HEAR the Technicolor. You've got the Herrmann two note drop nailed, man! Nice.


  • Nice mock up on Cape Fear, too. Your version sounds excellent. The only nit-picky criticism I have would be that in the horns beginning statement, the tails of the notes (mostly in the two interior notes of each decent) end a little too abuptly. If they were just rounded off a bit more on the end I think they'd be perfect.

    The other this is that when the high strings and woods come in right afer that, I feel like I'm hearing mostly high string. I think it would be nice to hear a bit more of the woods so that there's more body to it.

    Just nit-picky things. It sounds really fine as is.


  • Mahlon Thanx! SvK

  •  Hi SvK,

    well done! Sounds Great!  Thanks for posting these. I loved them!



  • Steve. gracias.... SvK

  • Nice sound there Von. Some serious attempts at Herrmann cadences happening all round. :))))

  • Paul R.... Thanx ;-)..... SvK

  •  Nice job -though I didn't like the mockup #1 for some reason - the viola (?) sound was strange.  Was that a viola section?  It sounds way too dry and buzzy. The second mockup is good.

    The Cape Fear was very good, though those high violins sounded too uniform in attacks.  Anything too uniform screams "SAMPLED!"  

  • William... thanx for feedback..........I really like my composition in Mock-Up1.......concerning the celli/viola line.......I will listen again to may be right ;-) SvK

  • Von - why do you keep doing these Herrmannesque style pieces? Are you ill? What good is all this Herrmann obsession doing you? William is right about the viola line btw. :)))))) - It's only samples at the end of the day.

  • I am studying a master.......MockUp1 is an example of those studies applied to my own cue.......... SvK

  • Well it makes sense to study the style I agree as long as you get into your own style afterwards. 

  • MockUp1..Is not a methodical rip-off. SvK

  • Of course, I did not mean you.  Sorry - I should edit that...

  • Of course you realize I am just joking around with you Von. But all this Herrmannesque, while very interesting is not going to get you many pictures. You can't just do Herrmann style and just say - well, he's the master, because picture makers may have other ideas.

    Whether anyone likes it or not - the day of Herrmann is long gone. You can't go back to that style because for one thing, music is very much part of it's time - and the way picture makers like Hitchcock and the studio system worked. Herrmann was predominantly a studio writer although this changed later in his career. No one wants Herrmann music over their films anymore. But do you know why? I will tell you why.

    Because if anyone today had the genius, not to say the blood pressure to write just like Herrmann AND get that effect, most of the silly little films made today would sink under the weight of scores like that. That's why. In fact I would go on to say that some of the films in Herrmann's day, in fact sank without trace and only the score remains. You wouldn't get many offers if you wrote like Herrmann.

    Kids today want orchestral music written in the pop genre style. Easy to follow chords and not too dark. Some horn rips are good though, but not too frightening. Easy on the ear with a good tune every now and again.

  • I disagree. respectfully ;-) SvK

  • Snake Eyes (hermann score) What Lies Beneath (Hermann Score) Ninth Gate (Kilar but dark) Dracula (Kilar but dark) Spy Game (sections parts) The Machinist (very Herrmann) i could go on SvK

  • Red Dragon, Silence Of The Lambs........

  • LA Confidential, HollywoodLand, Black Dahlia, Basic Instinct......