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  • My Library CD has damaged.


     I'm 'Vinna Special Library' customer in Korea.

     During take out the Library CD to the original CD case, the surface of the CD(front side) has peeled away.

     The vinyl CD case is too dangerous to keep the CD. This matter can happen to everyone.

     I used this CD only once. I saw the CD cling to the case, I made an effort to pull out the CD carefully.

     It's not my fault and I be sure that my method of safekeeping my CD never wrong.

     How can I receive compensation for this matter?

  • Contact your local distributor and they'll hopefully be able to send out a new one - either that or contact at VSL.



  • Welcome Bloodmoon, Tim is right: Please contact our customer-support-team at and give them your customer data. The DVD is "just" the transport media for your library, the actual proof of purchase resides on your Vienna Key, so don't despair.

    All the best,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library