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  • Vienna ensemble and Sibelius 5.1

    I have installed the Vienna special edition and every thing seems allright.I have installed Vienna ensemble and again everything seems allright.

    But when I try to configure playback and activate an instance of Vienna ensemble I do not see it listed in the left hand window...only VSL VST.

    I tried activating that and checking the right hand drop down menu but there was no listing of Vienna ensemble there either.

    I installed the Vienna ensemble in C:/program files/Sibelius software/VST plugins.

    Is this the corrct place to put it?


    Richard A. Williams

  • Hello Richard, make sure you drag the dll file for the Ensemble into the vst folder. I also had the same problem. Hope that helps. Best, Joseph

  • Hello Joseph,

    Thank you for your help.I went to C:\Program files\sibelius software\VST plugins to see if that file was there.

    I found there a folder labled Vienna Ensemble and another labled Vienna Ensemble .dll.

    The problem still persists.

    Should I have installed the Ensemble somewhere else?

    I had downloaded the Vienna ensemble software for Sibelius 5.1 from the VSL website right after I installed The Vienna Special Edition.And put it in C:\Program files\sibelius software\VST plugins.

    Does this sound right?

    I must be doing something wrong or missing something.


    Richard A. Williams

  • Hi Richard, Yes it does sound right. I had downloaded the V2 from the Vienna site, the same as you. Then I dragged the Vienna dll file only in the Sibelius folder VST. Then opened Sibelius hit scan, then closed Sibelius, and reopened and all was fine. You should be okay, since it shows the dll file within the plugin folder. Let me know how you make out. Best, Joseph

  • Hello Joseph,

    Everything seems to be working perfectly now.Thank you again for your help.


    Richard A. Williams

  • Glad to here that. It can be frustrating at times. Best, Joseph