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  • So I have VE3 setup

     I finally got both my computers se-up, VE3 installed on both, as well as two keys.

    I have a G5, that's (hopefully) processing my Brass, Woodwinds, and Percussion samples. I don't usually use everything at once, but we'll see how high I can clock on the G5. The G5 has about 6.5 gigs of ram in it, so about 2 or so left. Brass consists of about 11 channels, each channel having multiple articulations loaded, its about 2.5-3gigs. Woodwinds only have 6 channels, each with just perf legato samples. Percussion has about 7 channels, each with very little articulations for key changes.

    All my strings, which are about 16 strings samples all in one seperate with channels between each string family, are being processed on the host.

    So...I load everything up just the way I want, quit Logic, then restart to see how long that would actually take to do.

    And man...what a change. All those samples above listed at 120 seconds to load. Amazing! And totally automatic. I had the whole multiple instances thing before,where I had to route with JackOSX. Worked ok, but took forever to lead each one (as each one initialized itself each time)

    Also, I've figured out integration in Logic. Using MIDI channels to control each Violin, Clarinet, etc volume wise seperately (if that doesn't work I can use expression) though there is a weird thing that causes some samples to be played really low in my brass libs, but that might be a slight bug in the VE template coming from 2.

    Each group. Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, is handled by one software instrument channel which has VE3 loaded in it. At this point I can process that group however I want.  So my strings are all in the same audio channel, like I had before. So I just EQ and process them with Space Designer. If I want more seperate EQ,I can use the FX plugins in VE3 that are minimal. I usually don't EQ the strings though.

    In the future, I may think about releasing a quick tutorial vid about how to do all this within Logic. It's been proven difficult to find the information.