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  • New piece about to be finished, need advices :o)


    i'm about to finished this little piece

    but i need advices to be on a good way.

    If you guys have any idea or changes to make, please this would be great

    thanks to all of you

    have a nice day


  • Hi Nicos,

    I enjoyed this piece very very much! I like your style.

    However, because of your request some comments:

    1. The two celli (isn't ït) are quite (too) present in the mix, whereas in contrast the piano is rather smooth and soft regarding the percussive motives it plays. So there is some disbalance for me.

    2. After 1:00 there seems to be some direction lost in this piece, just because the start is written so very well. Where is the piece going to? Suddenly it stops in a way without some kind of preparation.

    At last: nice orchestration overall!

    I hope you can do something with my comments (and that I was clear with them anyway).


  • Hi Thanks very very much for you concern,

    those are excellent advices and direction.

    I totally agree with you about the cellO (there is just one :o) it's too unbalanced i will try to correct that.

    About the end, it's actually not the end i wanted to repeat the previous cello theme and finish with a kind of tutti style.

    But it's open.

    Anyway thanks very much for your comments.

    Best regards from France,


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