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  • License Download & Vienna Instruments issues...


    I just got my Syncrosoft Key today and the installation process is stuck at the License Download part. I hit Start to start downloading the license and it just sits there at about 20% of the way through... It's been there for a good 30 minutes now and still no progress. Forcing it to close makes it that much harder to restart the process.

    Meantime, I simply can't start Vienna Instruments or the Library Installer (although they do show up in my Task Manager).

    I'm running XP.



  •  Hello Raji,

    any firewalls or anti-virus software activated on your computer? That might block the communication.

    Did you try downloading the license after a restart?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul,

    Thanks! I had no anti-virus and I tried turning off the firewall and still nothing. Restarting and not running anything until everything was installed, now that did work. [:)] I must have had some process in the background conflicting with Syncrosoft.

    Now all I have to figure out is how to get Pro Tools to let me use Vienna as an instrument (tried creating a Stereo Instrument Track and it's not showing up in the Instrument list) and how to get Vista to recognize the ASIO Digidesign drivers so I can hear Vienna through my monitors instead of my crap speakers...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again