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  • I am glad the hear that but the bigger question is D-E-M-O

    Can I hear some sample before I place an order? Price increase date is getting close so I need to hear the sample ASAP

    Just a few legato lines or jamming with misc articulations is fine [no complete song needed]

    Just want to know the charactor of the sound


  • I want to buy this but buying without hearing the sound first would be a risk to me... plus, US price increase time is ticking! Please post a demo or some example sound NOW, Please! Sonny

  • Hi.

        Ok..If I buy next week 5 VI DVDs products chamber string II included which is not yet release can I order my extended library code when I register the 4 VI products or I have to wait until I receive chamber string II ?


  • Might I suggest that since there are no demos for CHbr II that the currency price increase be delayed a month or two.   Currency has come back in favor of the USD in the last week anyways[<:o)]


  • BBUMP ----- DEMO DEMO Please! 7 More days - US dollards increase [:^)]

  • the release candidate for the product has been finished yesterday - give us a few hours to install it and hit some keys ;-)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • CM.... could we get an articulations list for the chamber / sordinos? SvK

  • release candidates are a nice thing ... a few errors had to be fixed, so i don't think a demo will make it before the holidays ... the articulations should be available by tuesday


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
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    @cm said:

    release candidates are a nice thing ... a few errors had to be fixed


    yeh those players should really have brought their mutes!

  • So, there is NO WAY that US customer can buy this before the price increase? [No, buying a product without knowing what's inside and how it sound is a fool to me] Like the App Strings II, I bought it without hearing it [actually, only 1 demo at that time] it end up to be the less use because not that App Strings II isn't good, it's just not for me as I only do Pop work.

    I have a question, If I buy 4 Libraries and pre order this one [chamber 2] to have 5 to qualify for a free extended library... if I register all 4 first and prove that I have pre order and paid for Chamber II, can I get free extended first? since the Chamber will release sometime in June, a month from now.


  • In fact you can not get the free extended library until you register the VI chamber strings II which is your 5th library..On the other hand I am 100% sure the vsl do the best work and for me no need for demo..Thanx to all Vsl stuff you are always the best[Y]


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    Are you VSL rep?

    I ask because in special offer page, I saw "Just send an e-mail to to specify the Extended Libraries you'd like to receive after having ordered and registered the Standard Libraries between April 15 and July 15, 2008."

    And yes, I ordered it without knowing anything about the product once again, VSL fail to post a demo or sample contents info [due today]

    Fingers crossed! it [Chamber 2] better be good or it will be the last time I buy without hear it first

    Anyone else also pre order the chamber 2?


  • I'm sorry that we cannot offer demos at the moment, but we do not fail posting demos, because it was not planned to post demos before Mai 15th. We just decided to make an exception and offer a preorder option 4 to 6 weeks before the product is shipping, to enable all US customers to order before the price increase takes place.



  • Herb

    Read back a few post, Christian said he will hit a few line, plus posting a art list Tuesday [Today, in US]

    I just want to hear the sound - not the performance,

    Anyway, I ordered it, just hope it's the right one for me


  •  Personally, I am not concerned about hearing a demo. I know that the product will be good. I am concerned about the fact that I do not have an order placed. I contacted Ilio, and I was told that I could not place an order until the product was at their location to ship. Does this mean that I will have to pay more money and be affected by the price increase? I always buy the DVDs from Ilio since they *are* the American distributor.

    Will I get a price decrease, or am I out of luck? 

  • must be some kind of misunderstanding ... all orders in our webshop (as far as media need to be shipped) are - as always - executed by the local distributor (as indicated with the footer: sale and delivery by ...) ... the only difference this time was, that the button wasn't labeled [PREORDER]

    as far as i can see we have a bunch of pre-orders for the US$ region, so please get in touch with them ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi Esperlad,
    there must be a misunderstanding somehow. Chamber Strings II have been available for pre-ordering for several weeks at a price lower than the current price after May 15, so please place your order again, and in the meantime I'll check if all the information has been received at ILIO's and you'll get the lower price.

    Cheers, Martin