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  • New piece

    Hi everybody,

    I've spent a long time by (hopefully) fruitful study of VSL and here's my new piece. It's for the same project as the last one, which I've simply dumped. :) Comments welcome (the ending has a special meaning in the game).

    Using Appassionata strings 1+2, Special edition of VSL and EWQL Choirs

    HERE is the link to mp3!


  • Very nice - good tension created and you have some movement going on underneath.

    High strings are difficult to get sounding right aren't they?

    Musically good for me.

  • Yup. they are very difficult for me so far, but I'm still learning. It's really amazing how many layers of VSL I'm still keeping uncovering. It's a huge change to work with something so sophisticated (I worked with pure samplers before. Of course any tips for high strings (how to make them better) are highly apreciated although I've already found a lot of useful stuff on these forums.

  • Dear Meta.., Just gave your piece a quick lesson. Nice! I like how you bring instruments in behind the voices. Has a Hans Zimmer vibe. Have you thought of making this part of a larger piece... giving room for more dynamics, especially the ending? Either way, I'm impressed. Good luck! Tom M.

  • Just listened again. The Hans Zimmer score I'm reminded of is "Crimson Tide." Good movie about the a clash of authority on a Trident sub. Zimmer's dark lyricism is well suited for the underwater setting. I too would be interested in more postings on string realism. There was a good VSL forum thread about it a while back. Have to check and see if it's still there. Tom

  • Very nice. How did you manage the measured tremolo?

  • Hi again, thanks for nice comments!

    The measured tremolo is very cheap trick. I took the repetition - the one where celli plays multiple notes (from Appasionata) and used 16th notes in 8th raster. This way I've achieved quite cool sounding sound. Of course it needs to be synchronized with tempo of a piece, but you can choose how fast the repetitions are from some a few variants. (it's a bit like firing a bullet and then drawing a dartboard around it [:)] )

  • I just listened to it for the second time. I like it. It has a nice suspense feel to it. Like the ending. Well done. Best, Joseph.

  • You know, this would be great music for movie trailers or coming attractions.  Not comedy or date movies but suspense or maybe political thrillers or adventure films. 

    The mood of the piece is very intense.  It grabs a hold of the audience refusing to let go until the last couple of bars. 

    Very nice work.  I find it inspiring.

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