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  • Sibelius Vs Finale with VSL and Logic

    Hi, I am interested in scoring some of my work (or at least learning how to). I will be writing the music and midistrations in Logic using VSL special edition and would like to import them into one of the scoring programs either sibelius or finale. I have read you should have kontakt for finale and I already do (if that helps). I have no current preference. I would like the most straightforward and correct interpretation of my playing as possible.... I would also like to be able to just import the midi and play around with it only minimally. Secondly, where can I buy full orchestral scores worth studying online? Scores like Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky, and Richard Strauss? Thanks so much, Bob Ohh and well Im at it, Altiverb... Worth purchasing at this point or is there something else I should hold out for?