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  • Vienna Ensemble sound problem...

    Hi everybody!!! Hope you're great...???!!! I've got a lil problem with my vienna ensemble... Here's my configuration: IMac Intel DualCore 2,1 Ghz Logic Studio 8 Apogee sound card... Till now I was using vienna strings only by switching each part of string in a single track (i.e: one track for violin, one for viola, one for cello & so on...). But now I'd like to use the vienna ensemble. I've tried today to configure it well but seem to meet some issues... My VE runs in synchronicious, I've created a multi instrument in the environement window of logic by that way I can write or play & see well all different strings part in the arrange window, cleared up all midi problems (channels...)... I set the latency of the VE on zero but I've got crackles each time a new note or articulation is triggered as my RAM was overloaded but does not seem to come from here... So I've tried to put latency same level of my host but it didn't fixed my problem... I often have an error message about sample rate #42143 & then after a second one about audio & midi synchro... Could anyone meet the same problem & help me please...??? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!! Thanx in advance! Regards, Fabien.

  • Hello Fabien,

    the synchonous processing is very intense on the CPU. Also, using 1 instane of VI for every articulations is absolutely overkill - that´s why we designed it in the first place [;)], to give you MANY articulations on 1 MIDI channel. 

    Crackles indicate that the latency is too low - did you try with a higher latency? 

    Let me know if any of this helped! 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL