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  • Optimization question for VI Ensemble

    Hello all, is there any way to optimize the VI Ensemble (or the Instruments)? I am just asking because I run Chambers plus the SE strings on one harddrive and have just legato going and sometimes when I load the setup during the first playback some notes are just swallowed. I checked in the Acivity monitor and my VE needs around 1,8 GB. Now I didn'd find any optimization stuff such as buffers etc. .. or would you suggest a defrag of the drive? I don't have clue, but I can run legato or other libs of that amount without any problem, but with the VE I just get "sample drops". I have the VI stuff on one and all other libs which use Kontakt etc on another drive. Both drives are 7,2k and are NOT partitioned. I am using Cubase 4.1.3 and have a MOTU 828 Mk1. I am on MAC Pro with Leopard 10.5.2 Can anyone help me? Cheers and thanks in advance! Alex

  • Noone having problems with dropout notes in the VE?

  • Do you have dropout notes only during the first playback ? I sometimes have this same problem.

  • Hi, 

    some small dropouts in the first playback is nothing unusual - we are working hard to optimize this!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I do exactly know this problem. Though for me it was even heavier with the VI. Since I use the VE it doesn't appear as often .. but still sometimes.

  • Argh, sorry for didn't answer this post. I totally forgot about it and it just came back to my mind when it happened again. No it just doesn't really happen while playing back. (I have no problems when a sample isn't catched by the computer at the first time :) .. besides that, it usually doesn't happen at all) The dropout issue basically happens when rendering in Cubase (fast mode) ... every instruments, even heavy stuff of Kompakt and Kontakt is rendered fine, but as soon as I have two to four instruments running at the same time in VE2, I get dropouts during rendering. I even have one single internal unpartitioned sample drive only for the VI stuff and K2 and other libs on a separate internal drive.

  • Please make sure you are running the latest version of Cubase. During mixdown, the status bar of Vienna Ensemble should say "MIXDOWN". There was a bug in an earlier version of Cubase SX4 that caused improper detection of mixdown mode.