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  • Special Edition: Violin + Viola matrix is monophonic...?


    New to VI and probably this questions has a simple answer.

    I am using MOTU Digital Performer and using Ensemble as a plug-in.

    I have assigned a Matrix. It is the Orchestral Strings 26S Violins and Violas. I have assigned the legato patch.

    I can only hear a single string note a time. It is operating like a monophonic synth. This is both in record and even in playback when I enter multiple overlapping notes manually.

    My controller keyboard seems good as I have other virtual instruments I am using and they are all polyphonic and working correctly.

    Any ideas?


  • hi Dean,

    the performance legati are always monophon. To check which interval-samples have to be played, the interval has to be clear. And that is not possible with multiple voices.

    So everything is fine. You only have to know it works that way ;-)


  • I see. But the sustain patch is polyphonic.


  • sure it is... it has no performance-legato-samples to trigger :)