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  • Latency issues while Routing Audio From VE Back Into Logic

    Can anyone help me with this? I am currently using my digi 002 with Logic 8 and am running VE as a standalone external MIDI device. In order to be able to bounce the signal coming from VE to disk I must loop it back into Logic via my Digi 002. Currently I have analog cables running from the 002's outputs 3&4 and going into inputs 5&6. I have VE coming out of outputs 3&4 and within Logic I have set up an Aux track with inputs 5&6. This works great, I can bounce the signal from VE to disk etc. The problem I am having is with latency. As a result of the above routing I can only attain the proper latency by lowering the buffer size to 128. This is much too low and I have crackling and popping. Is there anything else I can do to fix the latency? Would Jack OS X help me to avoid this latency issue? If so, can anyone help me through the process of setting Jack OS X up properly? I've tried to do it but am honestly a little bit at a loss. Thanks in advance for any help.