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  • orchestra ... name!

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    I found a link a few days ago where you can see an orchestra playing... there are only very short clips, but i love the theme!!!

    does anyone know this orchestra or the name of it?

    here's the link->

    you have to scroll down to the three video clips

    so, thanks



  • It sounds like a bad sample rendition, and not what you're looking at.


  • :S:S:S

    but there's an orchestra which is playing

    there must be any names!!!

  • Probably some cheap Eastern European orchestra. I'm not quite sure why we are hearing a bad sample performance though.


  • I'm wondering why you are asking this at VSL forums? I'd just PM Gary Garritan there or mail him if I were you, he surely will answer your question soon if you ask nicely. And besides that, I didn't see anything special in that violins video, besides a fake sounding recording being played to a real picture of an orchestra playing.

  • This isn't exactly VSL related, but if you desperately want to know what it is, you can read about it at The three clips are from the winning entry "Knights and Magic" by Richard Birdsall.