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  • Still Having A Problem Playing VI Legato Sound "Through" In Finale

     I am composing a piece using VI sounds in Finale. After playing a Staccato effect for 4 measures, I then switch to a Legato effect

    for 3. The problem is, even though the effect change is triggered properly, the legato WON'T sustain for those 3 measures, even

     with the whole notes written and tied for each measure.

    I've tried composing the sustained note differently (4 tied quarters, 2 tied half notes), but to no avail. I should point out that I'm using actual notation, NOT sequencing to compose, and that the staves for the notation of  the Effects

    control and effect trigger notes for the sound have DEFINITELY been composed with the exact values and duration as the melody line.

    It seems that after the Midi  triggers the info, it doesn't understand that it's supposed to follow through with the additiional midi message info, and

    just stops. There must be at leaast ONE other Finale user out there who has had this partiuclar problem, and has found a solution-I

    NEED HELP!!! 


  • Hi DKW. When you say 'effect change' do you actually mean 'patch change'? (As you probably know, to switch the VI from staccato to legato involves changing patches.) Can you give us an example of what instrument(s) and patch (or matrix) you're having this problem with? Not all of VSL's long notes are looped, so sometimes legato notes naturally expire after a few seconds.

  •  Hi Conquer,

    Yes, you are correct, I DO mean "Patch Change". For my Finale piece, I'm using the Appassionata VC-12 Articulation Combi,

    with the patch key controller trigger set at C#0, to trigger the Stacatto effect (1a) for 10 measures; Then at measure 11, it changes to CO

    for the VC-12 Perf_Legato Sustain effect (1a), and has been composed to sustain for 3 measures. As I mentioned before, The actual

    part, the effects stave, and Controller staves have been composed correctly, and you can SEE the patches change when

    they should, in tghe Matrix's Control edit window. Also, I test-played the VC-12 Sustain sample, and it is looped to play indefinitely

    (from what I could hear, at about the 27 sec. mark). 

     I should also point out, that I originally used key switches to change both patches in the H-Span window, until I informed my 

    composing partner about this, and he then suggested that I switch to using the "Control" w/ sliders for the patch changes instead, since I was only using 2 effects.

    I made this change, but when the patch changes to the VC-12 perf_Legato sustain effect, after it plays for a second, it STILL CUTS OFF.

    I've looked into Finale's Midi section, to ensure that all of the "Contiuious Data" settings are set properly, and they

    ARE. So, I don't know what else I can do, I'm siimply at a loss, along with losing precious composing time-ANY suggestions would be Greatly appreciated. thanks!


  • Any key send on the same midichannel outside of the playrange would cause a not OFF (because of the monophonic behaviour of performance legato patches). I would suggest to exchange the perf-legato patch with a normal sustain patch and see if the sustains are holding.

    (normal sustain patches are polyphonic).

    If this is working I would search for the wrong note event.

    This could happen if you have used keyswitches, and changed to a different controller and didn't delete the keyswitch notes.

    In this case the notes are interpreted as normal notes now and are causing a note OFF.

    Hope this helps.



  •  I'll give it a shot-thanks!


    I went back to Finale, wiped the composed VI Key Switch Effects parts as Herb suggested, and Voila= A Sustained Cello sample Part!!!

    Now, I'm back in business-THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!