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  • Sampling Internationally Famous Recording Artists/Ensembles?

    I was just wondering if it makes sense or if there was any interest/economic-feasibility in sampling internationally famous recording artists like Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell, or ensembles like the Arditti String Quartet or London Winds?  I suppose if you did this you would want to sample the kinds of things those players/ensembles are really good at doing (i.e. the kind of musical gestures they're known for).  I was thinking it would be really cool and possibly musically useful for a composer to have the "VSL Kronos String Quartet" library.  Ahhh!!! Even better yet, I would kill to have a "Stefano Scodanibbio Double Bass" library!  This probably would open up a big can of worms as far as roalities are concerned, but I still would not be surprised if someone does attempt this kind of thing in the future.