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  • Download subscription for VSL Special Edition questions

    Hello. I'm pretty new here and am thinking of subscribing for the downloadable content when it comes out. I think that's a REALLY good idea too!

    But I do have some questions whch may be answered when it's released.

    1. Why are the US prices in EURO format?  

    2. When we subscribe, is there going to be like atime based subscription or just until we have the entire thing?

    3. For the extra sounds, can we not subsscribe for all the packages but just get one or two and add them on to thie main parts? (I know it mentions this on the page, but I just want to make sure I understood it correctly.


    So what does everyone else think of this offer? As I said, I think it's wonderful.


  • thank you for the kind words,

    1) pricing is and will remain in EUR for all regions worldwide - we are simply too lazy to convert the prices into the other currencies ;-)

    2) depending on the number of packages you decide to subscribe to the subscription ends automatically after a certain time (after you have received all packages eg. SE standard plus after 56 packages).

    3) extra sounds is referring to *additional packages* i'd assume ... this means you can purchase any number of (ascending) packages during your subscription.


    the content of the packages is well considered, so you will be able to do *something* from the first package on


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Oh, I just got another question and I can't add it to my other post 'cause it's not up here yet but.... I'm guessing this is right, but is the DL version all together (Just the standard one) suppose to cost more than just buying the box version? I had to do a lot of converting back and forth from US to EUR but even with EUR it says get the whole thing for 460 where if you payed 9.50 a month, it'd equal up to about 600 something. That's all fine I mean that makes sence if  they're both the DL versions but it's just kind of odd the the DL would be more than the boxed one.

    Well if that's the case then I'm still happy with it because it's still kind of less since it's over a large period of time and I'm guessing it's only like 14$ a month. So then I'm guessing we don't have to subscribe for all 54 packages? Or do we?

    Ok, let me say it this way... Could someone subscribe for say... 10 of the packages and then not get any more and just use those. Then let's say about two months after they've been using those ten, can they go and get another package (brass for example) and just DL that one by itself and use it with the other ten?

    Sorry for all the questions and speculation, I'm just curious because it still seems like a pretty nice deal and is (at least I think so) a great way to get customers since they don't have to pay all of it up front incase they can't afford it. Also, this makes it more affordable for more people who'd like some better sounds but can't get any because they're all way out of their price range.

    Thanks in advance. 

  • you should understand a subscription to the special edition like a subscription to an encycopedia - starts with A, ends with Z ;-)

    there is no option to purchase only *E - M* currently.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Oh. lol Well that makes sence then.... Wow that's a godly subscription.... 4.5 years with the cheapest one. Hmmm... Well I'll wait until it comes out and see what I'll do.... Heck, I might just buy the box one but I woudln't be able to get that until like february.