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  • Can't Bounce VSL tracks coming through VE Via IAC Bus'

    Hello Everyone, I've got VE being used as a stand alone and I have it wired into Logic 8 Via the IAC Driver Bus'. Everything works fine but now that I am needing to bounce to disk to create a file of my track, the VSL tracks running through VE are not bouncing. How can I get these tracks to come out of outputs 1&2 in Logic? Thanks.

  •  The standalone needs to have its outputs directed to different channels than those being used by Logic. Some audio interfaces such as those made by RME (and, reportedly, some of the higher end Apogee interfaces) have a "loopback" function that enables one to connect any output to any input using the software accompanying the interface. Other interfaces may not have this capability but if they have enough digital ins and outs, loopback is still possible. Using a MOTU 2408, for example, I assign VE to outputs 1-2 of Bank C (channels 17-18) and run a short ADAT cable from the Bank C's ADAT outputs to the Bank B's ADAT inputs. Then in Logic I assign the input of an AUX channel to Channels 9-10 and its outputs to Channels 1-2. VoilĂ  I can bounce the standalone's output into Logic.