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  • Upgraded Standalone Player Not seeing Installed Licenses-HELP!!

     The header pretty much says it all-I just installed the latest upgrade to the standalone player, but it does NOT see the installed licenses for my

     various VI Libraries. I've tripled checked and refreshed my Syncrosoft dongled folder of installed licenses for the sounds in their persceptive folders, and they're ALL DEFINITELY still there. However the upgraded player still can't see them for some reason; When opened, it states in the upper left hand corner that ("No installed Licenses found").

    I've rebooted the PC to my wits end, trying to get the player to wake up and find the established pathways for the sounds, but to no avail;Could someone please help me on this? Thanks!



  • Does the LCC say that the licences are on the dongle? Did you also install the latest Syncrosoft driver?


  • Thanks. I should have checked the user area again in the first place, to see that there were even NEWER Player downloads available, including the upgrade for the Syncrosoft licenses!! I just installed the latest upgrade, and everything is NOW showing up as it should,in the Player's window. My BAD;Thanks again!!!