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  • Upgrade from Special Edition to Symphonic Cube...?

    Hi all,

    Have this simple question, can't find an answer in the forum or on the product pages;

    (though I'm sure it has been asked before)

    I'd love to buy the Special Edition, and later upgrade to the Symphonic Cube.

    So I'm concerned on the price;

    will the Special Edition price be deducted from the Symphonic Cube price when I upgrade?

    Thanks for your answer!

    Beste regards,

    -Emanuel Van Egghen

  • Hi Emanuel,

    at the moment we do not have an upgradepath for the Special Edition.

    The content of the Special Edition is taken from 16 different collections, (10 collections Symophonic Cube plus Saxophones, Special Woodwinds, Appassionatas, Bösendorfer, Special Keyboards and Organ)

    A workable upgrade price solution in combination with the VIP prices of our previous products (Horizons, Pro Edition) would be very complex.

    Maybe we find a solution next year.



  • Hello Herb,

    Thank you for your answer.

    It would be great if there was an upgrade path for the Special Edition.

    Hope you can pull it off next year!



  • Hi Herb, I am excited to be finally getting to this wonderful app! Sorry for my ignorance on this as I am new to the game:) I too am interested in some sort of option from the Special Edition Standard that I have purchased in the last few months.. One thing I noticed is that there are no options for string trills, runs, or special harmonic special effects bowing as well.. In some of tutorials it is shown in the "Speed Control" tutorial that there are these options..:35sec into the movie. In the Patch assign section Violin Solo, Harmonics, Tremolo+Trills,Tasto, Ponticello, Performance Interval slow and fast and Perf Trills, Scale Runs Grace Notes Glissandi.. I sort of need these now and want to know what the best upgrade would be for me! With all of the advances in the last year, I am not sure what it the best for a film composer like myself to have available. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on this! Greg

  • Yo Greg,

    Long time no talk.

    My thoughts on the best way to go about getting what you say you want is checking out the articulations in the Vienna Instruments Orchestral Strings. That's where all those articulations (and many more) can be found.

    Best regards,


  • I want to tag onto Emanuel's request. I'm planning to buy the Special Edition soon, but also want to upgrade to the Cube when I can afford it. I understand there are complex connections between the two products and it's not as simple as simply buying a few more discs of samples. But maybe a discount off the price of the Cube makes the most sense. (I know Adobe does something similar--if you own Photoshop you can get the whole Creative Suite at a discount, for example.) Thanks, -Jeff

  • New upgrade discounts from the Special Edition and Special Edition PLUS towards the "big" Vienna Instruments Collections (such as the ones being part of the Symphonic Cube) will be announced on July 15, 2008.

    Cheers, Martin