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  • Why the extra Window and step?

    Hi, I am a brand new user to Vienna Instruments Special Edition. Can someone tell me why when I bring up instances of the Vienna Instrument AU plug In Logic 8 I always get greeted with a window first that says "Vienna Instrument AU Server Interface...Show Window". Then I have to click on "Show window" and then I finally get the interface so I can get down to business. Every AU plug in I own always brings the interface up immediately. Why the extra step and the extra window cluttering the screen? If I throw 6 or 7 instances of Vienna Instruemnts on separate tracks in Logic this gets to be a bit of a hassle. Am I doing something wrong in approach? Using Vienna Instruments in Logic 8 on a Dual Gg Mac OS 10.4.11 Thanks, Dave

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    Hi Dave,

    the "connector window is necessary, because you are connecting to an outside host, that gives you 3 GB RAM, additionally to the RAM you can load inside Logic.

    Everything gets much more comfortable with the new Vienna Ensemble you find in your User Area. And here is the manual [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks so it! dave