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  • Web Hosting

    What recommendations can you make.

    I want to host MP3s/Wav.files - I want to host Scorch and Sibelius scores - I may want a blog (I know boring) - I'm amateur not pro - cheap and simple is good expensive and having to learn lots of stuff is not - I expect traffick to be very limited just people inetersted in Tubas, Sorabji and other obscure stuff.

    Any suggestions?

  • I would like to do something similar myself: can't really help you though, Dave TK, because I'm on a Mac whereas you (I think) are on Windows. Is there anybody out there who can give any help at all?

  • Check out

    You might not be able to create the best looking web site in the world, but it's free, and you get a couple hundred Mb of space. 

  • My own site is from yahoo .. I bought a site that costs me $11.99 per month. Which may sound a lot, but in all honesty I think this is bugger all for 5 gigs of space (it was 100 meg when I first joined up and has increased over time) .. 200,000 megs bandwidth per month (of which maybe 10% is used), and the fact that it's hosted and maintained by a big company assures me good customer care. That's one way .. And of course you can also look at getting your own site from But then there are also things like Myspace .. or even Soundclick where you can host .. even sell you MP3's (on soundclick). For Mac, I use Rapidweaver to make my website. Quick and easy drag and drop .. but also capable of much more, and it's quite cheap to buy. There are loads of options . that only thing you need to know is ... how much bandwidth are you likely to use .. and how much do you wanna spend.