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  • legato-repetition question

    In the leg-rep the violin is set at 52 BPM but the cello at 53 BPM, I know it might not make a real noticeable difference but why is that subtle difference there? Why not both the same, especially if we want to use them together?

  • The labeled tempo just tells you which is the slowest BPM you can use this repetition instrument.
    So you can use them together at a speed of BPM 53 and of course faster (up to the double or triple tempo sometimes even more)


  • Yes, the famous repetition function. Okay then, But I still want to know one thing. Is the slowest the original speed it was recorded in?


  • Yes. You can break the files up and trigger the next note while the last is still playing (I think causing a very small overlap/crossfade in the programs) but you can't add silence into the repetitions for playing them slower than the recorded speed. You could however build your own programs and extract only the repetition notes itself and use that like a short-stac program, if you have also a special startnote-short-stac and endnote-short stac from the starting and end notes of the reptition files. VSL didn't do this because I doubt it will sound too good, maybe they don't stand out in a complete orchestration...


  • Thanks PolarBear,

    I'm not a big fan of the repetition system where you have to play and repeat the note, chord or octave yourself to obtain the desired speed. I don't know why, I never liked doing that...and I am a good pianist, more often I will try and use the existing BPM, although I'm much more limited, but that's me. But I think with VI that is all changed.

  • Yes with the VIs that's gonna change a bit. I'd understand if you had difficulties when only using loops in MusicMaker so far, but being a pianist it shouldn't challenge you pressing the key more often... you could even do those fancy things like ta ta taaa ta ta with one articulation (the one you'd choose for taaa only). Just load up the right combination in the Performance Tool and simply put the rhythm in.

    If you are even more involved you could leave out the performance tool, combine a few rep patches and program your individual keyswitches (which IMO is also one thing they added in automated mode for the VIs) to even alternate between various repetitions...

    All the best,

  • PolarBear,

    Just to answer, even though it's quite unimportant for you to know this... I don't like to use this system because my way of working is often in a quick flow, and to stop and make the necessary adjustments for it to sound just right is a bit disruptive for me. Mind you that is how the entire VSL is made, collages here and there, but the rest I feel quite comfortable. Just my problem... [:)]