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  • How Close To Shipping?

    OK, I admit, I'm anxious.

    How close is the first installment to actually arriving at my house? I ordered via ILIO...



  • Same question here. Just be sure to ship mine BEFORE Tom's [[;)]]


  • Just had another peak at the video tutorials - hot damn - looking sweet. Its quite amazing how deep this thing seems... many posibilities. I'm looking forward to testing it, and using it in a real world enviroment. I think some of the stacking and crossfade options will in a way double our articulations and sonic options.


  • So when do they ship?

    And how/where do you order when you already own some products (Horizon) for discount?


  • Steve - use TimeSpace in the UK they will then check what discounts you are elligible for.

  • I believe Herb mentioned he would know by the 15 of January which was today. Do you guys know when shipping will begin?

  • Any news? [H]

  • The silence is deafening[;)]


  • What did you say Tom? I saw your mouth move but I couldn't "hear" anything. [:P] [H] . Oh VSL is going to respond to our plea?

  • Hey, it's NAMM time. They're all on air planes, checking into hotels, setting up a huge exhibit, making their computers work and arming themselves emotionally for what's to come.

    I believe Herb said in another posting that the first VI's went out for duplication a few days ago.

    So hold on. I'm sure it'll be winging its way to us before the end of the month.

    Best regards,

  • That's right, everyone's at NAMM, and I seem to be the only one left here [:(] And I don't know the shipping date either - sorry, guys!

    But cheers nevertheless, won't be long now.

    VSL manuals

  • Will there be any delay because VSL is at NAMM or just that we won't have the announcement since they are all gone?

  • It was commented in another thread that things will be set in motion before NAMM, and that NAMM would not delay things - Dont know if that held up though

  • With duplication and shipping to all the dist worldwide and then shipping to us once they arrive at the distributors I would say we should see our copies no earlier than 3-4 weeks.

    You could stalk Herb at the show and mug him on the way back to his hotel one night at NAMM [[;)]]

    Like you, I want my copy yesterday - but, like my mommy always said - 'it will get here when it gets here - you're whinning isn't going to make it any faster' [:'(]


  • Haha. Rob your mother was wise [:D] . The great thing is I'm 15-20 minutes away from Ilio so it won't take too long once it's shipped [;)]. So what is the plan Rob on mugging Herb? [[:|]] [:P] .

  • Who knows? Herb might carry some samples in his breast pocket ... [:D]

  • David, you didn't know that Herb always carries his newest colleciton in his breast pocket? [:D]. I hear that's a "vienna" thing [:D] [:D] . Funny stuff going on here. Where's that laughing gas coming from [*-)]: [:P]

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    @Austin Haynes said:

    Haha. Rob your mother was wise [:D] . The great thing is I'm 15-20 minutes away from Ilio so it won't take too long once it's shipped [[;)]]. So what is the plan Rob on mugging Herb? [[[:|]]] [:P] .

    Let's hire a beautiful women to walk past him - then we can perform the 'lift' when he is distracted. [[[:|]]] The problem is - does he like brunettes or do you think he would prefer a blonde. [[[;)]]]

    In the grand scheme of things I am not certain it will matter.


  • Rob, that's a great idea! I think we should go with BOTH! [;)]. That way we can't go wrong. [:P]

  • Austin, you're one ahead of me. I only know that he has the samples in his firewire mirrorshades - (oops! shouldn't have mentioned that ...) [:D]

    VSL manuals