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  • WinXP64 or Vista64 - which way to go?

     Hi all,

    What do you recommend to install on a new machine?

    WinXP64 or Vista64?

    Any suggestions would help.

    I searched the forums for a thread on this but did not find anything.



  • Well, XP x64 is solid, while Vista is... well... ;-)

  • This is a difficult question at the moment.

    Literally, today, I would say that XP64 is the better of the too. I am using it and it rocks.

    Unfortunately it is very likely to be a dead-end street with little longevity.

    Also Microsoft are apparently releasing their first service pack for Vista very soon. These service packs can make quite a difference and I'm sure that Vista will soon fix up the flaws and become the OS of choice.

    So... if you have the money then buy XP64 but expect to migrate within a year or so.

  • Hi jbm, Ok, I see your point. WinXP 64 will be the way to go then. Is that what you are using? If, yes, do you have any problems playing audio/video in WMPlayer, iTunes. Or any compatibility problems at all. Anything I should know about? Can none 64 bit apps run on it? Thanks for your help! David

  • Thanks bluejay! I just posted a reply to jbm. Do you have any input on any of my questions? Thanks for all your help! David

  • David. I can't really answer all of your questions. I only use the PC for hosting VIs - that's it. So I've no idea how it runs other apps. I do know, however, that it runs both 32 and 64bit apps just fine. --- J.

  • Thanks jbm, That reply does help. Long as WinXP64 can run 32 bit apps I think I'm all set. David