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  • Doepfer lmk2+

    Hi guys, I'm looking into buying a Doepfer lmk2+ MIDI controller/keyboard.
    Does anyone here use it? Is it good as people say it is [:D]

    I currently have a M-Bullsh*t 88es keyboard ,and I really hate it ,it's just like a little plastic toy. I can't sequence 4 bars with this thing...

  • Can't quite answer your question because I've got the LMK4+: is it good??? [:P] [H] [:D]

    As far as I know the LMK2+ is the middle of the range, i.e. better than the PK 88 (which is piano only, I think).

    I think that you'll be very happy with your prospective purchase.

    Good luck.

    P.S the action of the keyboard is absolutely outstanding: I think you'll see quite a difference.

  • Hey thanks for the info [:D]

    But as far as keys are concerned ,aren't they indentical on both lmk2+ and lmk4+ ? [*-)]

  • I think so (but , as I've never played the LMK2+ I can't be absolutely sure).

    Why not give Doepfer an email to find out?

  • Yeah , I will ,I'm still gathering as much info as possible.

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