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  • Silent Stage Report #2

    Hi folks,

    our second Silent Stage Report is now on-line at"> It's a bit more extensive than the last one, because we're talking about keyboards - mainly the making of the Boesendorfer Imperial, but also our forthcoming Special Keyboards.
    Moreover, there's a chance of winning a Boesendorfer Imperial VI if you
    answer our prize question!

    Cheers, and good luck
    David - VSL manuals
    Michi - Musical (and Film) Director

  • Am I missing something? I've clicked on the

    Right clicked on Apple QuickTime 7: it just gave me a Safari HTML file.

    Clicked on Download QT: again it just resulted (this time) in a Dreamweaver file (downloader2.asp) but, again, no joy. It just "hangs" in the air but doesn't download anything.

    So, can't actually GET to seeing what the prize question is...


    (P.S. it's the same in Windows Media 9 as well).

  • try left click on the play buttons. both movies and the mp3 are streaming well here.

    cheers, michael

  • Excellent webcast - very entertaining [:)]